Agnes Towler Appreciation Post


This is Agnes Towler from Mr. Selfridge

( Would watch the show if it was just about her tbh)

  • wow look how pretty she is
  • she’s a working woman too you go agnes towler
  • this is the edwardian era btw so women were usually sitting at home quilting, and doing what housewives do  but she was like nope imma get a job
  • well she has to get a job b/c her father’s a drunk and he doesnt support her family (this is her sob story too)
  • so yeah she got a job at selfridge’s b/c mr. selfridge felt bad b/c she lost her job at this other place b/c she tried on a pair of gloves (this is ur time to shout “boooo”)
  • yeah so she has to support her and her little brother
  • Her dads a crazy drunk who wants to live with her because he’s to freaking drunk to support himself
  • Image
  • wow look at that little sh—utterfly who cant even support himself get out
  • btw did i say she has like 2 guys hitting on her right now?
  • Image
  • this is victor. he’s like a waiter at selfridges. a lot of rich old women hit on him its pretty funny.
  • he asks to court agnes (AWWWW) and he wants to help her with her crazy dad.
  • yea but she keeps pushing him away even though she probs secretly likes him
  • (I swear he’s thomas barrows NICE twin brother. they could have been seperated at birth or something. it’s the same era too)
  • Image
  • this is henri leclair aka this rich french dude who works with mr. selfridge
  • he has the hots for agnes
  • even though he has like a lover in new york who is also french
  • He looks like  phil dunphy with don draper hair
  • dont touch agnes mmkay
  • he’s actually not that bad. he’s nice to agnes which counts??
  • umm he totally pampers her and stuff cuz he’s rich.
  • maybe agnes is gold digging or not

i ship agnes and victor because agtor.

(thats the ship name i made for them its awesome rite)

So yeah i just summed up amazingness that is Agnes Towler.