Reichenbach Fall Theory No. 2


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Reichenbach Theory #1


I’ve always had a few Reichenbach theories, and since this is like some journal blog, I’m gonna write them out here.

So the picture above is the trolley carrying Sherlock’s corpse… supposedly. But if you look close enough to the image above, it is NOT Benedict Cumberbatch’s face. Sherlock must have jumped into the truck (probably filled with laundry or some cushioning). We never actually saw his body hit the ground, and I think Molly must have been apart of this, because how else would he have access to a bunch of bodies? I mean even if he knew some people in the morgue, they wouldn’t hand him a body. Molly obviously has strong feelings for him… (..urm..the Christmas Party at Baker Street). Also, Sherlock must have had the Homeless Network in on the plan, because there was a biker that hit John, and it prevented him from getting there in time for the body switch. The biker didn’t even help him up or anything.

A swarm of people gather around Sherlock’s corpse, maybe the Homeless Network again…? They needed to prevent John from getting too close to the person’s face, and John was all shocked and it was all sort of a blur to him. Also I think Mycroft might be in on it, maybe Mycroft is keeping him out of the public, maybe Mycroft sent him somewhere to stay/live… Maybe IRENE is helping him. She owes him a life because he saved hers in Pakistan and helped her fake her death again. So I think either Mycroft or Irene was helping Sherlock AFTER the fall. Possibly Molly as well.


Another theory for the body switch is that he used Moriarty’s body/ or an assassin’s. (This makes more sense). When the little girl saw Sherlock, she screamed and he had to leave the room right away. We know Sherlock didn’t kidnap the girl, because we are Sherlockians and have total faith in him (getting off topic sorry). Anyways Moriarty could have been wearing some sort of mask that looked like Sherlock’s. Maybe Molly threw the body down with the mask after Sherlock jumped into that truck thing.

And another theory about the screaming girl. At the end, we see one of the snipers putting his stuff away. He’s thin and tall with curly black hair. We can’t see his face very well, but it could have been surgically altered to ressemble Sherlock’s. Maybe he kidnapped the children.

Either way I cannot wait for season 3, this is really the Great Hiatus… Moffatiss is cruel.

Yeah. My Reichenbach theory(ies).