Moriarty and Moffat

Moriarty and Moffat


Stripes and Dots

Patterned Polishes

This week’s nails are really outgoing and bright, they’re “statement nails”. Start out with base coat (Sally Hansen Base Coat) and paint your nails a bright yellow (Neon Melon – Sinful Colors) and paint a magenta or pink (Dazzle – Sinful Colors) diagonal stripe across your nail. Use a blue (Blue Reflections – Hedy’s color and a dotting tool and place three dots along the diagonal line. The blue I used is a mirror polish. It’s essentially a really, really metallic color. It’s so metallic I can actually start to see a silhouette of myself if I cover my entire nail in it. After you finish the dots, apply a top coat (Crystal Clear – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro) and clean up around the edges with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. Enjoy your “statement nails”!

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